Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Windy leaves “Camp Reno” for Yolo County SPCA!

Yesterday our shy, but sweet Windy previously known as Wind Talker, left Camp Reno with Ashley Dunleavy, trained EARS volunteer and canine foster home coordinator for the Yolo County SPCA in Woodland, California. Ashley just spent three days volunteering here at Camp Reno and really fell for Windy. “She was one of the dogs who was more timid and would hide in the back of the kennel," she said. Ashley will foster Windy until she is ready to be adopted into a forever home.

Last night, Ashley called and said that Windy had settled in and was comfortable being in her home and around her resident dog. She hid under the coffee table for a while, but after Ashley left the room, Windy ate not only the canned food she had left out, but two bowls of dry food as well! Then she settled into her crate and fell fast asleep. Ashley plans to keep us posted on Windy’s progress, including when she finds her new forever home!

Meanwhile back at Camp Reno, EARS volunteers are continuing to work with our current residents. Deb Anderson, an EARS volunteer from Cupertino, is seen here with Wilma sporting the latest in EARS “camo-wear." Available at most military surplus stores, “camo” is a great addition to our official EARS t-shirts and as Deb reports, “with all the pockets, is quite functional."

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  1. WOW! Windy aka: Wind Talker really looks great as do all the latest blog photos...Yolo County is fortunate to get such a wonderful new resident to join the great Ashleys of Yolo County...
    Big Hugs ... Lloyd


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