Tuesday, February 19, 2008

From socialization to relocation

The dogs are truly doing so well these days. Even Nosey, the shyest of them all, is out and walking around, visiting the volunteers and his dog friends, and getting brushed and petted. They have all come so far!

This means that things at Camp Reno are moving rapidly from "socialization" to "relocation." Our kennels are emptying as rescue groups arrive to bring our furry friends to their new living situations -- and one step closer to being adopted into loving, permanent homes.

The best news today is that new arrival Eddie and Kumquat are going to the Humane Society of Tahoe-Truckee this afternoon! You all know about Eddie's antics, and Kumquat is a sweet girl who has stolen the hearts of many EARS volunteers and UAN staff members. We're sure they will make wonderful pets for some lucky families very soon. (Eddie is pictured here arriving at Camp Reno after being caught on the Gabbs ranch this weekend. Read more about that in the post below.)

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Eddie or Kumquat, visit the Humane Society of Tahoe-Truckee Web site at www.hstt.org.

Tomorrow we are expecting Steve Markwell from Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Washington State to arrive for a few more of the dogs, along with some other groups.

We're also hearing some great news about how the Camp Reno alumni are doing in their new situations. For example, Greg Gibbs and Robin Baizel of The Canine Club of Reno, pictured, picked up Rosie yesterday, and Robin reports that Rosie already "has exceeded my expectations."

This is part of what Robin wrote to UAN's Director of Field Services Shannon Asquith today:

"I don't know how much work was done with her last week... but I was amazed at how her whole demeanor lightened up and she started to offer some playful body language to Chilly [Robin's dog]. She not only allowed me to pet her, but relaxed her whole head into my hands and let me support her and rub her cheeks. She even came to me more than once when I called her over for petting! The volunteers working with her last week did a wonderful job with her. The change from the last time I had seen her at Camp Reno was amazing. Her prognosis is excellent at this point."

We also got a report from EARS Southern California State Coordinator Norma Rodriguez, who visited Allie and Betty (a.k.a., "The Girls") at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center yesterday.

Here is what Norma reported to Shannon:

"Visited our 'girls' this afternoon and am confident they will have 'forever' homes soon. Betty is a changed dog! She was so docile and comfortable. Allie is doing quite well also. She took treats from me and licked my fingers. Still shy about petting. They are going to have some pretty intensive leash training and have a nice, big play yard where I hope they will learn to play fetch. I will visit them at least a couple of times a week and will keep you posted on their progress."

Don't forget, you can find out more about adopting Allie at Betty from Seal Beach Animal Care Center at www.sbacc.org.

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