Monday, February 11, 2008

Big adventures at Camp Reno!

It was a big weekend at Camp Reno with lots of EARS volunteers coming to socialize our very special dogs!

Some of the dogs took trips out of their kennels, taking walks on their leashes and having other adventures. Here, Maggie visits the front office area where Southern California State EARS Coordinator Norma Rodriguez makes a few phone calls. Maggie thought she would sit alongside her and say "Hi," too!

Meanwhile, Wilma is investigating all the bags and cans of donated dog food stored in our make shift front office. “Wow, there is a lot of food here... Take a look Maggie!”

The best news of all this weekend was that both Maggie and Cutie went to their new foster homes!

Maggie is settling in quite nicely on the couch at EARS volunteer Ashley Dunleavy’s house. Ashley is the canine foster coordinator for the Yolo County SPCA in Woodland, California, and will socialize Maggie in her home along with Windy, whom she took home to foster last weekend.

Cutie is being fostered by EARS volunteer and City of Sacramento Animal Care Services volunteer Janell Matthies. A big thank you, not only Ashley and Janell for brining these very special dogs into their homes, but also to the Yolo County SPCA and the City of Sacramento Animal Care Services for supporting Ashley and Janell and helping the dogs from Gabbs.

We have a few more rescue possibilities in the works this morning and hope to have more updates posted very soon!

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