Sunday, February 3, 2008

"Chicken Soup for the Moe"

When EARS Southern California State Coordinator Norma Rodriguez arrived at “Camp Reno” a few days ago she noticed that Moe, a male Dalmatian and Pointer mix, was not eating much. We explained that he had not been feeling well and that Dr. Landon of the Nevada Humane Society had given him a prescription of antibiotics for a possible infection. He was perking up some, but still not eating very much.

But Norma knew just the thing to help his appetite. “Chicken soup,” she said. “Chicken soup?" I asked skeptically. “Yup, he needs chicken soup.” So off we went to the store for low-sodium chicken soup for Moe.

Well, Norma was right; it was just what he needed. The next day she reported that he had eaten all of his chicken soup and was on to pieces of cooked chicken and even some dog food. Here he is taking some cooked chicken from the hand of EARS volunteer Becky Correia. EARS volunteers are reporting that Moe’s appetite is really starting to come back and he is eating double portions of dog food in the morning and afternoon.

Good for Moe!

Meanwhile, Felix is still trying to figure out how to use his new bed. He isn’t quite sure which end goes in first. Itzy on the other had has taken to it quite nicely!

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