Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Update on Cutie and more!

Today, we received an update from Janell Matthies, the EARS volunteer who is fostering Cutie, a female black Lab-German shepherd mix for the City of Sacramento Animal Care Services. Janell and Cutie are shown here leaving Camp Reno last Sunday.

Cutie has settled in comfortably on Janell’s screened-in back porch, her new home for now. She is nice and warm with a heater, her cozy bed and stuffed animals. She's very interested in Sam and Hana, Janell’s two dogs, and came right out of her crate to say “Hi!" 

For now, Cutie is mostly content to sit in the corner and watch the family interact. Stay tuned for more on how she is getting to know Sam and Hana and letting them teach her how to be part of the family.

Meanwhile, back at Camp Reno, Kumquat was feeling a bit rambunctious today and decided to slip past our EARS volunteers while they cleaned her kennel. She headed straight for the crate loaded with all of the extra stuffed dog toys. Well, she ended up settling in quite nicely and as you can see, decided she liked the company. We couldn’t resist letting her stay there with all of the cuddly toys for a while!

The best news of the day is that two more rescue groups are scheduled to come to Camp Reno tomorrow to possibly transfer some of our special friends. Check back tomorrow for more details!

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