Saturday, March 26, 2011

A shelter arises

Submitted by EARS volunteer Beth Gammie of Phoenix, Arizona

A shelter has been born! Over the last few days, UAN's Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) volunteers worked tirelessly to transform the mounds of food, supplies and kennel panels into a thriving shelter for 228 rescued animals.

EARS volunteers Rose, Juanita
and Mary constructing kennels.
Day 3, Thursday, began at a nippy 46 degrees, but the work of feeding and watering the animals kept EARS volunteers warm. Once those animals were cared for, volunteers began readying the grounds for the rest of the animals expected to arrive that day. Soon a network of additional kennels took shape. Other volunteers secured tarps along the perimeter to shelter the animals from the relentless desert winds.

In the afternoon, volunteers paused to welcome the pig and two geese who joined the community of rescued dogs and cats. As volunteers continued constructing kennels for the arrival of the remaining dogs and cats, word arrived that the number of rescued animals was even larger than anticipated. Without missing a beat, the team surveyed the remaining materials and began constructing the housing for these additional animals. Powered by flexibility, a "can-do" attitude and the desire to do right by these animals, EARS volunteers figured out how to make kennels for all of the additional animals.

Soon, the call went out that the truck was arriving with the second transport of rescued cats and dogs. All EARS hands were on deck to move the animals with care and compassion from the truck to their kennels. In pairs, volunteers walked or carried the new arrivals to their temporary shelter. A steady stream of cats and dogs flowed from the truck into the arms of EARS volunteers until every animal was safely housed. By night's end, the volunteers surveyed the community of rescued animals that now existed, and left the shelter satisfied that all their hard work paid off.

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