Friday, March 4, 2011

Love at first sight at the temporary shelter

In between feeding, watering, cleaning and watering, the UAN volunteers at the temporary shelter in Dothan, Alabama still have time to fall in love -- with the rescued dogs and cats under their care, that is!

UAN Emergency Services Manager Janell Matthies talked to a few volunteers about the animals who have touched their hearts this week.
Wendy Leonard of Perry, Georgia
Wendy Leonard says she is always drawn to bully breeds. Eight years ago she was asked to foster an eight- week-old pit puppy who was abandoned in a hotel room. Today, that puppy is now asleep on her couch. Here at the temporary shelter, Wendy's love of pit bulls continues. This little girl was just giddy with delight when Wendy went into her kennel to spend time with her. Little pittie tail wags hitting the side of the kennel ring out through the shelter whenever Wendy walks by her cage. I think she sees Wendy as her new best friend, but we know Wendy is really her guardian angel.

Julie Rathbun of Mobile, Alabama
Julie Rathbun was trying not to fall for anyone. When I asked if she had a favorite she said “no." Then about 10 minutes later she came to me, somewhat sheepishly and said, “Okay, there is this one pretty girl….” I asked Julie what caught her attention and she said it was the dog's beautiful and sweet face. She handles herself like a true lady and even prances when she walks. “She’s just a fascinating dog," Julie said.

Dee Dee Parker of
Olive Branch, Mississippi
Dee Dee Parker used to raise and show collies, so she will always have a soft spot for them. Even though this guy is probably a mix – matted and dirty – Dee Dee still sees what a great dog he is going to become. And then  that face, who wouldn’t fall for that face? Dee Dee's only concern is that her grandkids will see this picture and she’ll get in trouble for not bringing him home.

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