Friday, March 4, 2011

Cute puppy pics from the temporary shelter

We just received some photos from Dothan, Alabama, where UAN volunteers are caring for 198 dogs and 31 cats rescued from an overrun private animal shelter on February 28. The owner of the shelter relinquished custody of the animals to the local sheriff's department, and they will be transferred to rescue groups and shelters for adoption in the coming days. In the meantime, UAN's volunteers are making sure the animals are comfortable and content in their temporary digs at the local fairgrounds.

Thanks to EARS volunteer Tereza Marks for these photos!

UAN volunteers prepare to take a dog for a walk. The
"double leash" method is safer and prevents escapes.
UAN volunteers make sure all dogs have 
water throughout the day.
EARS volunteer Julie Rathbun gives a little love to a dog.
A row of crates in the temporary shelter.
A litter of puttie puppies was among the rescued animals.
You can't have too many puppy pictures!
Volunteer Tereza Marks and a sweet little pit mix.
Exercise and socialization helps prepare the dogs for 
adoption into permanent homes.
This girl is a little shy but very sweet. Volunteers say 
her whine sounds like she is talking.
This gal walks around her kennel all day with her toy. 
She will, however, give you the toy if you ask!

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