Monday, March 7, 2011

Rescued dogs coming out of their shells

Submitted by EARS volunteer Tereza Marks of Bonita Springs, Florida

Yesterday UAN's Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) volunteers had some downtime to spend working with and socializing the remaining dogs, who were rescued from an overcrowded nonprofit in Alabama last week.

Volunteer Chris gives some dance lessons
to rescued dog Dan
Volunteers are amazed at how many of the dogs have come out of their shells. Chris, a local EARS volunteer, was here at the beginning and has come back to volunteer again. She gets very emotional when she thinks of the state that many of the dogs were in when they arrived. She remembers that many of them had to be carried off the truck when they first arrived at the shelter because they couldn't make it on their own -- they were weak from lack of food, sick or had terrible mange.

Many of the dogs were also just very scared and timid. Chris remembers one shepherd mix who was so timid and scared, volunteers were not sure how she would react to human contact. Now, however, this little dog allows Chris to give her medications.

Molly's eyes were nearly glued shut
from a medical condition
Molly, who came to the shelter with her eyes nearly glued shut from a treatable, medical condition, has her eyes open and is beginning to trust humans again. Dogs like Wally, a large male Labrador with a lip deformity, are learning to play with toys. Volunteers are seeing more and more dogs learn to trust and love again. With the rapid improvement in their socialization, these dogs will make great pets and will find loving homes.

Video: UAN's Janell Matthies talks about
how one dog, Rosie, has improved
Volunteers also spent the day cleaning up and organizing supplies and equipment in preparation for the day we can get the last dogs out. We are hoping to transfer the remaining 55 dogs soon.

We also came across this online story about the ten pit bulls who were transferred to Florida on Saturday.

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