Thursday, July 9, 2009

Puppy mill: Closed until further notice

Submitted by EARS Field Leader Andy Bass of Pompano Beach, Florida

On this, the third day after the seizure, almost 30 volunteers from United Animal Nations (UAN), the Humane Society of North Texas and local convergents continue to care for almost 500 dogs rescued from the abominable conditions at the Maggic Pets/Heddins Ranch. Thanks to the care of these dedicated volunteers who have been putting in 17-hour days since Tuesday, the painful medical problems and cowering spirits of the dogs have given way to happy tail wagging and belly-rub opportunities.

Having had a taste of human compassion rather than mercenary greed is bringing the poor creatures out of their solitude for the first time in their lives. Fear has taken a backseat to appreciation of the human species, and the dogs are learning that life can be a pleasure rather than a curse.

Although they are still unsure of the future, the dogs are eager to learn that being a dog can be a good thing, with the right help. And they are slowly learning to trust the humans and maybe, just maybe, believe that there is a loving, forever home waiting for them.

Due to the fact that the court hearing is not until later next week, I cannot provide photos or give you specific information on the dogs at this time. But I can tell you they are very thankful that we volunteers have come into their lives. Never again will these furbabies live in a wire rabbit hutch or be banished to a weed-filled crate hidden from view on a back-lot in sweltering 100-degree temperatures simply to churn out "product" to be sold to anyone with an Internet connection or a fat wallet. Never again will they be used to produce what we used to call mix-breed mutts, but which the millers now call "designer dogs," just to fill the coffers of an unscrupulous breeder. And never again will young puppies be ripped from their mothers to be displayed and stocked in the neighborhood pet store, simply to make a profit.

In my previous report, I had said that we have 475 dogs in the shelter. Just before we closed tonight, that number increased, as a pregnant American Eskimo gave birth to seven premature puppies. And since we have 12 other pregnant mothers, I expect the number to well exceed 500 before the court date on July 17. Although the owners intend to fight the charges in court, they are already acknowledging the truth on their Web site with a front page banner stating "Closed until further notice."

I couldn't have said it better myself.


  1. Not only do these dogs not belong in a wire rabbit hutch, neither do rabbits! Everyone should take note: rabbits need a solid floor with regular cleaning in order to avoid painful foot deformities. Additionally, rabbits cannot readily handle temps above 80*F, nor arctic cold on the ears, and most backyard hutches may as well be metal pole barns in that aspect.

  2. This is fantastic news! Thanks to all the volunteers who are giving these pups some love and compassion, probably for the first time in their lives.

  3. Just checked out the web site for the above kennel, the insert of the dog in the upper right, his/her face may speak for it self-looks very sad! Also the Doxie's face had a "sad" expressions. The news of the raid made our daily paper the other day. Bless all the EARS volunteers and keep up the good work!

  4. I just want to say that Andy has done a tremendous job of leading the UAN volunteers. 475+ dogs is an incredible amount of dogs to care for and a tremendous responsibility to have on your shoulders. Thank you, Andy, for your dedication....


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