Thursday, July 23, 2009

A few of our favorite things

Submitted by Janell Matthies, UAN Emergency Services Manager

Since Happy Sue has gone to the vet for treatment and local volunteers jumped at the chance to foster her, we have redirected our affections to the many other animals in our care.

During lunch today I asked the volunteers to tell me who was their favorite and why. This is a sampling of their answers:

- "Mary, the red pit. She is really shy, but trying so hard to give us another chance." (picture 1 below)

- "Donald Duck, the baby who was separated from his mom and almost left behind on the last day of captures." He went home with local EARS volunteer and bird specialist Phoenix to grow bigger and find a home.

- "Charlie Chan because he is very shy around people, but he marked me!" (picture 2 below)

The Sharpei mix who just became a new mom. She has severe cherry eye in both eyes and can’t see her brand new puppies – but her gentle temperament and total trust in humans is inspiring." And she’s a fabulous mom too!

Steve McQueen, the black-and-white pit with the longest, most gorgeous ears. He let me catch him after he escaped (he’s so smart!) and gave me kisses. He went through so much, but is now happy and safe. He’s even giving us humans a second chance."

- "Our friend Happy Sue. Could there be a sweeter, more affectionate dog??"

- "Dirty Harry, a.k.a. Happy Harry. He is always smiling and greets me at the cage door when I come in. He also loves to dance!" (picture 3 below)

- Houdini! He’s adorable and knows he should stop getting out of his kennel, but it’s just so much fun!" (picture 4 below)

Some of the dogs are starting to go out to foster homes and rescue groups. We will miss them, but we know they are off to much better and happier lives and we are all better people for having gotten to know them.

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