Thursday, July 23, 2009

The happiest, sweetest, goofiest dog we’ve ever met

Submitted by Janell Matthies, UAN Emergency Services Manager

So it has finally happened. We are all in love. Head over heels, dizzy in love. Originally her name was Happy Joe Weimer, but now that we’ve discovered she’s a girl, she’s Happy Sally Sue Weimer. Sally appears to have a painful eye infection in both eyes, making them red and goopy. Her hairless body is covered with scabs and dried blood. I’ve been pulling ticks the size of gumballs off her all day. She has what looks like painful demodex mange on her feet, which makes her prance when she walks.

Even with all of these painful and uncomfortable issues, she is still the happiest, sweetest, goofiest dog we’ve ever seen. If our hand gently brushes past her, she leans into you with all her weight. She absolutely loves to be pet, even though it must be somewhat painful to her. She doesn’t care, she is just starved for attention and thriving in the care she is receiving from the volunteers. She laughs and smiles and jumps around. It’s almost impossible to get pictures of anything other than a close up of her nose or tongue because all she wants to do is give kisses. Or maybe she’s trying to give us a bath; anyone who goes into her kennel comes out sopping wet all over the face, neck and arms.

We are baffled that Sally Sue has so much exuberance and pure joy of life, all while feeling terribly uncomfortable to say the least. She is such a trooper. To have been kept in filthy, confined conditions and still be as happy as she is. We have her in a kennel with a bunch of other happy dogs that we have dubbed “the party kennel." It is impossible to keep their water dish full because they jump around and play so much.

Even the vets involved have fallen for Sally Sue. She was just sent over to the clinic for a spa day: mange dip, bath, de-flea and de-tick treatment. I know she will love every minute of it.

Happy Sally Sue Weimer is the true spirit of a rescued dog. She appreciates every little ounce of kindness she is shown and completely trusts and enjoys people in spite of her turbulent past. I can only imagine what a beautiful and joyous dog she we will be when she gets all fixed up and starts feeling better. I’m thankful I was able to be a part of her journey.


  1. Yay, UAN! I am blown away at the wonderful work that EARS volunteers and you do. It's beautiful to see all of the love you guys give to animals, as well as the necessities of life. Thank you so much for such an uplifting story, Janell!

  2. UPDATE on the beautiful, now named, Roadie!
    She is doing extremely well in her Foster Home and going for a recheck this coming Thursday.
    She knows how to sit already and is so eager to please! Of course, she is silly as ever.
    Dogs never cease to amaze me. Whatever humans have done to them, they can forgive us. Such pure souls!


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