Thursday, July 9, 2009

Finally, love and kindness

Submitted by EARS Field Leader Andy Bass of Pompano Beach, Florida

Day 2 of the puppy mill seizure has come to an end and the EARS team deserves a rest after dealing with 100 degree + temperatures, not to mention the 476 dogs retrieved from Montague County, Texas.

Check out the news items presented by Fox 4 News of Fort Worth.

Although about 100 animals are in relatively good shape, the "sample dogs" the public were allowed to see were covering up the real story of the Heddins Ranch. Almost 400 additional dogs, the "breeding" stock were hidden away in out buildings and in the dense overgrowth of weeds on different parts of the 1,200- acre property. Many of these dogs have mange, and others have a myriad of medical problems, including atrophied eyes, severe matting, flea infestation and earmites -- the list is almost as large as the varieties of dogs offered for sale.

Additionally, EARS volunteers are caring for dozens of newborn puppies, as well as a dozen pregnant females ready to give birth in the next few days.

Over 30 volunteers, including almost 20 EARS volunteers, have answered the call to bring these poor creatures out of crisis and into the care long overdue. Our volunteers have defied temps in the 100s and will continue until the court appearance, scheduled for July 17. For now, we are tasked with providing care, shelter, and most important, love and kindness for the first time in these animals' lives. And the fruits of our labor are already being seen. The fear and anxiety is already giving way to a more peaceful and kind existence.

Beginning tomorrow, local volunteers will begin to work side by side with our trained volunteers to learn how to care for these animals if the owner chooses to fight this in court. Should the judge rule in favor of the dogs, they will be released to rescue groups statewide for rehabilitation and placement through adoptions.

Please stay tuned for more info from the field as the situation unfolds.


  1. No more puppy or kitty mills! It is disgusting that people continue to buy animals from and support these places. Animals deserve so much better than this. Thank you for saving them.

  2. Thank you for all you do. My heart breaks to see cruelty stories like these, all because someone is greedy.
    Again, thank you!

  3. Where are all these dogs going? Will they be needing foster homes? I'm in Ohio but I want to help!

  4. Thanks fellow volunteers for all that you're doing. It must be incredibly hard work with the heat and the scope of how those dogs have been neglected.

  5. C McEntyre7/9/09, 9:16 PM

    United Animal Nations Volunteers are the BEST! Hard working, caring, compassionate, long hours, no pay, but lots of heart and dedication.

  6. ''The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the ways its animals are treated". - Mahatma Gandi

  7. These volunteers are to be applauded and held on high as the "Heros" they are. Giving of themselves and caring so much for these animals is truly the sign of great human beings. Knowing Field Leader Andy as I do for many many years this effor on his behalf does not suprise me one bit. His love and devotion for those that cannot speak up or fight for themselves has always been the highlight of his character. I sat here weeping as a grown man over the sadness of what these wonderful animals have endured and with the joy of what Andy and those other volunteers attempt to do. We have to remember this is happening everywhere all of the time and there must come a day when those puppy mill owners have to be put out of business.

    Thank you Andy and all of the other volunteers for keeping us abreast of what tragic things are happening and what your accomplishing. I'm so proud to be a friend of such a wonderful man and his quest to give hope to each and every animal that comes into his life.


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