Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rescued animals continue to thrive

Submitted by UAN Emergency Services Manager Janell Matthies

Even though we did not get an ideal hearing last Monday (the judge ruled to give the defendant more time to prepare), we understand that in order to get the job done right, patience comes into play. In the meantime, the animals continue to thrive in our care: They are receiving food, water, socialization, treats and, most important, human interaction and compassion.

A once-shy dog does a "happy dance"
at the front of his cage.
We see daily improvements in most of our wallflowers or “shut downs." And the "semi-socials" are now bouncing at the front of their cages and vying for attention, as these pictures show. Due to the volunteers' dedication, many of the dogs and cats have gone from unsocialized or questionable adoption candidates to ready for adoption or short-term rehab. Daisy our pig is still thriving and loving every ounce of attention, and Click and Clack, the geese, are very accustomed to their new regular schedule. They start to get very vocal when they realize the dogs are getting fed and demand equal rights.

Chester (left) was humanely euthanized
due to serious intestinal problems that
many neglected dogs face because they
try to eat anything they can find.
We had sad news on Chester, the 10-year-old, emaciated, Labrador mix who was Buster’s kennel mate. After continuous vomiting and diarrhea with no response to a myriad of treatments, we collectively decided the kindest thing to do was put Chester out of his severe misery. He was not in stable enough condition to be an exploratory surgery candidate. After an immediate necropsy, a large denim rag was discovered entangled in his intestines, not allowing proper digestion of food and nutrition. Unfortunately this is typical of neglected and starving dogs: They will eat whatever they can find. At least he is not suffering anymore and was able to experience a short time of kindness and compassion.

Bucky is shy but is learning to trust.
As for the rest of our group, Scooter, our ultra-timid heeler mix is now happily approaching with wagging tail and hand licks, even jumping at the front of his cage. Bucky is learning to trust; Barney the ultra-shy Lab mix has made a complete turnaround, from shut down to seeking attention and accepting pets and attention; Juliet is just a bundle of happy puppy energy; and all of the animals are settling in enough to show their true, bright personalities.

On Friday, both a civil hearing (to decide custody of the animals) and a criminal hearing (charging the owner and caretaker with 7 felony and 10 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty) will take place. Until then, we will carry on, giving these animals the very best of the best in care that they so deserve. Thank you all for your support.


Sweet Pea

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  1. Marcia (UAN Volunteer in Connecticut)4/13/11, 10:47 AM

    Thanks for the update, Janell, and for all the dog photos! I wish sweet Chester would have made it, but at least he's out of his misery.

    I hope Daisy is continuing to chow down at a hefty pace so she becomes heftier.

    Thanks again for taking the time to write the blog!



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