Friday, April 1, 2011

EARS volunteers have tails wagging

Submitted by EARS volunteer Beth Gammie of Phoenix, Arizona

EARS volunteer Colette Neron and
rescued momma dog Cookie Dough
When UAN's Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) volunteer Colette Neron gets a break from her duties of feeding, watering and cleaning kennels, she heads straight to her favorite spot at this emergency shelter: a kennel containing Cookie Dough and her two pups. Cookie Dough is a sweet cattle dog mix who has won the hearts of many volunteers because of her unwavering good nature. It doesn't hurt that she has two cute, snow-white pups who bear a resemblance to miniature panda bears. Colette says, "She is so sweet. And she's a good mom, too." Tail wagging, Cookie Dough bounces with happiness whenever volunteers approach.

Here is a short video of Cookie Dough nursing her pups:

Scout is a little beagle mix who is slowly responding to love and attention from EARS volunteers. When he first arrived, this little guy made himself as little as possible, even burrowing his head down into the corner of his kennel. Volunteers sat quietly by Scout's kennel, helping him get used to simply having people around. It was a victory when Scout raised his head and dared to look around! Yesterday, he tentatively sniffed a treat that volunteer Bonnie Larson offered. Scout has gone through a lot, and its clear that he'll continue to need extra love and attention in order to learn people can be counted on. By rescuing Scout from a life of neglect and providing love and care, UAN has begun that process.

Rescued cat Filo gets a pet from
EARS volunteer Karen James
Karen James, an EARS volunteer from Denver, showers love and kindness on the cats at the shelter. "I love cats. I just absolutely love cats," she says. It shows as Karen talks about some of the cats she provides care for. Moses is a coal black cat rescued from the hoarding site. Karen saw his personality come out with just a bit of TLC. "He was cowering in the back of the cage, and he's just become a love-bug," she explains. "He's very playful." Shirley is a beautiful dilute calico who is also coming out of her shell. Karen says, "Shirley was a little timid but she is warming up to people." The neglect these cats experienced is evident. When Karen pet Filo, a beautiful Himalayan cat, she felt "tons of mats all over his fur."

Daisy the "therapy pig" has many admirers
As always, on this deployment the TLC flows both ways. Volunteers are touched by the love they receive from the animals under their care, and get attached to particular dogs, cats and even pigs! Daisy has become a "therapy pig" for EARS volunteers and UAN staff alike. Her serenity and peace is contagious. A few minutes sitting quietly with Daisy, scratching her back and rubbing her ears, does wonders. When volunteer Paula Redinger left yesterday, she asked me, "Can you get pictures of Baxter and Sneaky Pete? And the geese!" Miles is a scruffy terrier mix who is one of volunteer Bonnie Larson's favorite.

Along with sound nutrition, shelter and medical care, EARS volunteers provide the animals under their care one of the most important things needed for their healing: love. Showing these animals love--and watching them respond after a lifetime of neglect--is one of the most powerful experiences for those of us privileged to care for them.

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