Thursday, April 21, 2011

The good news we've been waiting for!

One of the many puppies rescued in Apache County.
This week an Arizona judge awarded custody of nearly 300 rescued animals to the Apache County Sheriff's Department. The animals were rescued from a hoarding situation on March 23 and have been living at a temporary shelter in St. Johns, Arizona, where UAN's Emergency Animal Rescue Service volunteers from around the country cared for them for several weeks.

The rescued animals will be transported to shelters and rescue groups throughout the Southwestern United States for foster care and adoption into new homes -- see list below.

You can see some of the adorable puppies who were rescued in our video:

Thanks to all the UAN volunteers, The Humane Society of the United States staff and volunteers, Apache County officials and the local residents who came together to help these animals get started on a better life!

And thanks to the following organizations for taking in these animals and agreeing to find them loving, adoptive homes:

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