Tuesday, September 7, 2010

From the field: Day 4 in Montana

Submitted by Ruth Koehler of Western Montana

September 4, 2010

Things continue to improve. HSUS staffers are still looking for shelters to take large numbers of dogs. Twenty-four dogs are going on the truck today to shelters across Montana. Four of those are going to the Montana Women’s Prison for their dog training program. The four dogs were chosen because they were the most timid and will need a lot of one-on-one care to become socialized enough to be adoptable.

After the truck left we continued to do clean up chores. There are always plenty of crates and kennels to be cleaned. The dogs are amazing. Considering the filth they were raised in, now that they are living in clean kennels many of them appear to want to stay clean and are housebreaking themselves! They are also becoming socialized at an amazing rate. We cannot take them out and play with them, but they are almost all starting to eat well, and they will come to the front of the cage and seek attention when approached.

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