Friday, September 3, 2010

Hope and a better future

Submitted by Ruth Koehler of Western Montana

Day three of the Wibaux, Montana dog rescue has been much quieter. All of the dogs had their veterinary exams yesterday. Several mothers-to-be were identified and moved to private quarters. Today’s activities have consisted of feeding, cleaning and socializing with the dogs.

Today, many of the dogs are starting to respond less fearfully to the volunteers. These animals have never been outside, walked on a leash or responded to a human being prior to yesterday. The move has been extremely stressful for them and UAN and HSUS staff and volunteers are trying to maintain a quiet, peaceful environment to allow them to recover.

HSUS and UAN staff are working diligently to find shelters and rescue groups that can take the dogs for foster care and adoption. Montana Women’s Prison at Billings will be taking some of the dogs for their inmate dog training program, while others will be transported to groups across the country.

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