Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Remaining Montana dogs bound for Colorado

Submitted by Ruth Koehler of Western Montana

September 5, 2010

Good news last night. Shelters in Colorado will be taking the rest of the dogs. They will be loaded on the van first thing Sunday morning and head out for their new homes in Colorado. There are some great dogs in there, and some that will require a lot of TLC. Thank Heaven for large shelters that have the money and the time to spend to assure a great foster or forever home placement.

UAN started with eight volunteers for this deployment and ended up with three for the last couple of hours on Sunday. This has been a truly amazing experience for my husband and I and we can’t wait to go again. We got home Sunday night after a 500-mile drive, still in Montana! UAN volunteer Marsha Steckling sent us some pictures today and said that 15 of the “Denver Dogs” are at shelters very close to her home so she and her sister, Jeanne, also an EARS volunteer, are going to go visit tomorrow!

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