Saturday, January 26, 2008

Settling in at "Camp Reno"

"Camp Reno," as it was named by local EARS volunteers Scott Carson, was a busy place yesterday!

We're now blending in wet food with dry and have increased feedings to three times per day. We're working out a schedule of cleaning, feeding and going outside for potty breaks in order to help create a sense of routine. We also changed the dog crates into "beds" by taking the tops off. Take a look at Joe settling into his new bed (top photo)!

We also learned that "The Girls" were previously known as "The Nippers" because they didn't know they should take treats gently from your hand. They are pictured learning to be gentle by taking a treat from the hand of Janell Matthies, our EARS Lead Volunteer for this deployment.

Today we'll be working on a more formal routine of socializing. Volunteers will sit inside the kennels with the dogs, talk to them in soft tones, and brush those who may be ready for a human touch.

Stay tuned for more reports from "Camp Reno" in the next few days!

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