Sunday, January 27, 2008

Greetings from “Camp Reno!"

EARS volunteers awoke this morning to five inches of fresh snow, with more still falling! Although all of the current EARS volunteers are from the Sacramento, California area and not used to driving in snow, we all made it safely to the shelter. Thank goodness for four-wheel drive!

We spent time today sitting in the kennels and speaking in soft voices to the dogs. Volunteer Jane Hollingsworth read from her book to Squeaky and Annie. EARS volunteers also gently pet some of the other dogs.

Rosie and I had a nice talk this morning about how nice it feels to be slowly petted with a rubber hand brush.

Here Wilma enjoys keeping warm under her blanket after taking a few hot dogs from Janell and accepting some soft pets.

Kumquat has been seen soliciting attention from the front of her kennel and is seen here showing off her “dreadlocks."

Tonight’s weather is calling for more snow, but the residents of “Camp Reno” are safe and warm and cozy in their temporary home.


  1. Please give Rosie some extra pets from me, Shannon!!


  2. I've been following the story of these dogs for a while and hoping they would get the care they deserve. Thank you for working with the most difficult of them and for posting this blog so we can see their progress!


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