Thursday, January 31, 2008

Maggie: A success story

We continue to get good reports on the dogs from Shannon Asquith, director of field services, and the EARS volunteer team. Perhaps one of the best success stories they've shared so far is about Maggie.

Maggie was one of the last dogs the team loaded up at the ranch in Gabbs. She actually had to be trapped, because she was so frightened. But even looking at her "before" picture, you can tell what a beautiful and gentle companion she could be.

Well, she is becoming that dog at "Camp Reno."

Look at her showing Lead EARS Volunteer, Janell Matthies, exactly how she should scratch her on the belly! (Maggie is cuddling in the bed with fellow Reno camper Honora.)

This from a girl who just one week ago didn't want to come anywhere near us. Clearly Maggie is almost ready for her new forever home!

Also, yesterday, the dogs received a visit from an old friend -- Linda Bailey,
the neice of the owner of the ranch in Gabbs who was instrumental in getting the dogs moved to a safe place. Pictured here, Linda visits with Charles at "Camp Reno."

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