Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wagging Tails in Rowan County, Kentucky

Nine RedRover Responders volunteers just completed a week of caring for 136 dogs and puppies rescued from a puppy mill in Rowan County, Kentucky. This was the second time RedRover Responders deployed to this emergency shelter to assist the ASPCA in caring for these dogs.

These animals were seized over four months ago, in October 2011, and their owner has been charged with over 40 counts of animal cruelty. As the case proceeded through the criminal justice system, these recovering dogs and puppies needed tender, loving care and socialization – and that is where the RedRover Responders volunteers came in.

RedRover Responders volunteer Julie goes for a walk with Nell, one of 136 dogs rescued from a puppy mill in Rowan County, Kentucky.
 The small-breed dogs, mainly Chihuahuas, dachshunds, Min Pins and poodles, enjoyed the daily care that the RedRover Responders volunteers provided: feeding, watering, walking and socializing the animals, along with the ever present cage-cleaning duty. RedRover Responders volunteer Jodi Jenkins, from Bardstown, Kentucky, said, “Everyone was willing to do anything that was asked of them – it didn’t matter what it was, they did it because it was for the welfare of the animals.”

This was Jodi’s second deployment with RedRover Responders to Rowan County; she also answered the call to help these animals in October 2011. The care the animals received is paying off, and the change in their condition is noticeable. Jodi noticed that the animals had gained weight, seemed healthier and their fear had lessened. “I saw more wagging tails this time around,” she added.

Tim Rickey, senior director of the ASPCA’s Field Investigations and Response team, had nothing but gratitude for the RedRover Responders volunteers who staffed the shelter this past week. Tim remarked, “The ASPCA is grateful to have RedRover Responders on the ground assisting with daily sheltering operations. RedRover is an invaluable partner who has helped us since shortly after we took on this case, and we’re thankful for their dedication and commitment to caring for these animals.”

Caring for the animals – that is what RedRover Responders volunteers do. That is who we are.

A few RedRover Responders volunteers pose for the camera.

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  1. Awesome job guys. Isn't so rewarding to see the improvement in the dogs and see their tails start to wag? Yay.


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