Friday, November 25, 2011

Why we gave Thanksgiving to the dogs

RedRover Responders volunteers in Hot Springs, Arkansas are happily spending their Thanksgiving holiday caring for the dogs and pups rescued from a puppy mill.

Kevin Boyle, from Dallas, Texas, gave up Thanksgiving at home because, “I have a simple love animals.” Taking care of animals who have been so let down by humans drives these RedRover Responders.
RedRover Responders volunteers give this rescued Chihuahua some special care this Thanksgiving.

After yet another long day tending to the rescued dogs, volunteer Dyann Solsar said, “This is the hardest job you’ll ever love. It can be exhausting, but you feel like you are doing something.”

Volunteer Debra Hutcherson, from Larue, Texas, worked tirelessly to provide the highest level of care for the dogs – feeding, keeping their kennels clean and dry, and providing love and comfort. Giving up time with family and friends during this Thanksgiving week is a sacrifice – but Debra knew that she would not be alone. “I choose to be around people who can and will make a difference.”

175 dogs and tiny puppies could not be more thankful that Debra and the other RedRover Responders made that very same choice this Thanksgiving.

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  1. Diane Dupont11/27/11, 10:42 AM

    Way to go gang. I see some of my favorite Red shirts are with Team Gammie, Debbie and Kevin. So good of you all to give up turkey time for those poor pups!


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