Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The horses are going home!

We just heard from UAN Emergency Services Manager Janell Matthies, and she reports that 7 horses out of the 49 equines rescued from a neglect situation on May 27 went home today!

These seven lucky horses were adopted by local residents and will have lives of luxury in wonderful homes. Two of them were Clifford and Nubbin, a mare with frostbitten nubs for ears.

"We had a very long day, but thoroughly gratifying, especially seeing our guys gettting loaded up and going home," Janell said. "One of the new adopters lives right on the road to the shelter, so we can see the horses in their glorious new surroundings on our way to and from each day. Pretty cool."

The remaining horses, donkeys and mules are scheduled to be transported to equine rescue groups later this week. Each of the animals has received vaccines and $200 in dental care. One horse had been cribbing on barbed wire, which caused a lot of damage to his teeth.

Janell left the shelter for a week and came back to find that the animals had improved immensely. "I was so shocked when I got back to see how shiny everyone looked," she said. "They are just glowing and looking happier and healthier each day. They don't even look like the same horses..."

Photos: A mother and her foal went to their forever home; Charlie was one of the most emaciated horses rescued in Wayne County but is starting to put on weight; a horse named Eve enjoys the pasture. Photos courtesy Janell Matthies.

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