Friday, June 4, 2010

Great things are happening for the animals

Submitted by UAN Emergency Services Manager Janell Matthies

It’s another long, hot day here in West Virginia. The animals are still improving rapidly and we’re seeing great things. Horses who were terrified of us on day one are now eating out of our hands. Horribly infected wounds are now showing clear signs of healing, with healthy new skin showing through. The animals all are exuding a peaceful feeling and seem completely content.
We are starting to get to know their personalities and their quirks as well. Jack has become our official 15-minute time clock, braying loudly every quarter hour on the dot. He also lets us know when we’re late in the morning or when he’s getting low on hay. Around closing time every night we wait for his calls to echo throughout the barns so we know it’s officially “quitting time."

Clifford the Big Red Mule has become our mascot. He is by far the friendliest, most sociable of the bunch. If there were such thing as a lap mule – he’d be it. He snuggles up to us every time we try to clean his stall. It’s a bit of an impediment – but we all enjoy his overtures.

The Apaloosa who was spinning in her stall is now grazing contentedly out in the back pasture near the pond. You would never guess what some of these guys have been through. They are all so calmly and happily eating and drinking away their days, sometimes simultaneously.

Our token stray dogs have become ideal companions. Crash and Howard have learned the schedule and wait patiently for us in the morning. They play and play and play all day and when they are too tired to run around and play, they lay next to each other and continue to roll around and lazily play.

The dogs have learned to stay out from underfoot and stay away from the horses, and they happily play in the pond while we tend to our chores. At night, they are more than ready to go back to their stall for dinner and crash out for the night. They remind me of two boys on summer break. I almost wish they could stay here forever but I know they have very bright futures and someone out there will be very lucky to adopt them.

Photos: Jack, our faithful timekeeper; Clifford the Big Red Mule; Howard, the third dog to show up at the temporary shelter.

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