Friday, February 12, 2010

UAN Assists in Rescue of 26 Chained Dogs in Georgia

UAN has deployed nine volunteers with its Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) to care for 26 alleged fighting and breeding dogs rescued from a property near Sandersville, Georgia. UAN expects to provide at least five EARS volunteers per day for the first 10 days of the emergency sheltering operation.

View the press release for more information.

Janell Matthies, Emergency Services Manager, took a brief moment amidst the first day rush to share her initial impressions of the response:

"The volunteers have been working tirelessly all day setting up the shelter and the dogs are settling in very nicely. Most are curling up in the soft woodchips and napping. It’s so very different to the cold, hard ground that they are used to. The younger ones are acting almost frisky, enjoying the freedom of movement without the short, heavy chains around their necks.

We’re seeing a lot of old wounds and untreated injuries. There will be substantial rehabilitation for many of these sweet dogs, but their appreciation is obvious. They are trying to get in our laps and jump up and give kisses while we are trying to get them settled in their new kennels. They aren’t barking, the only noise is their tails hitting the sides of their kennels.

These are some of the skinniest dogs I have seen. They are just bones covered with skin, but still as sweet as can be."

The situation is led by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Field Investigations and Response team under the authority of the Washington County Sheriff's Office. The groups are also assisted by a team from Sumter DART (Disaster Animal Response Team).

Photos this post courtesy ASPCA.

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