Friday, February 19, 2010

The sound of wagging tails

Submitted by Janell Matthies, UAN Emergency Services Manager

These dogs are so content in their kennels that the only sound is their tails hitting the side of the walls. They aren’t even barking or whining even though this must be a very confusing experience for them. We have a large empty "play room" in the back of the building where they can run and get some exercise -- a new experience to these pups who may have been on the end of a chain their entire lives. They aren’t quite sure how to walk on the linoleum floors, but once they get the hang of it they look like puppies, romping and playing.

Some of them are timid and prefer to be carried to the play room. The volunteers gently set them down and sit quietly, giving them comfort, and eventually the tail slowly untucks…they venture further and further away from the safety of the volunteers’ presence and begin to sniff around. After they start to get comfortable, some are even beginning to play with the many toys in the room, coming back to the volunteers often to get pats and give kisses.

The dogs' spirits are unbroken. They were left to barely survive in the cold, yet still see people as a "good thing" and want every bit of affection they can get. We are still discovering major health concerns and are trying to address them as quickly as possible, but the dogs' attitudes are very promising.

The volunteers, as always, are amazing. They put their entire lives on hold and travel long distances to help these poor victims of abuse and neglect. Without the volunteers, the dogs would not be able to get the care they are receiving now. We have seven EARS volunteers on-site today. They traveled from Virginia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia to be here. Now that is selfless dedication.

We’re still waiting for more news on the crminal case and for clearance to share more details. Until then, we will continue to love on, feed, clean and keep our new friends as comfortable as possible, a skill at which the UAN's Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) volunteers always succeed.

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  1. Fantastic! Good job, EARS friends! Extra smooches from me, please!
    --Ellen in St. Paul


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