Saturday, October 4, 2008

Zipping along

Submitted by EARS volunteer Carol Hedlund of Bainbridge, New York

Our Saturday is much more crowded with local volunteers and some folks who will be back after we leave tomorrow. It was a great help and some of them were absolutely amazing. "Our guys" will be in good hands.

We have more veterinary help today and many of the dogs are now getting some medical attention that wasn't possible before. One of our Mastiffs had a wound on the tip of his tail and unfortunately began chewing on it. Looks like he'll need surgery to have some removed; he's not too pleased with his e-collar at the moment, but he's still a happy boy.

A gentleman named John showed up with zip ties and was promptly hugged by many of us (luckily we didn't scare him too much). A lot of our big dogs are escaping from their crates so they're getting "zipped in." One of our Great Danes had herself a picnic on a bag of food last night after escaping from her kennel. Luckily she's not bloating but we're watching her closely. One of our Bernese mountain dogs was discovered to have mites and lice, so he'll be looked after as well. ALL of the minor (though in normal life it might not seem normal) medical issues are being thoroughly addressed by the CSPCA.

The most amazing thing to watch is that our "bad boy" row is really coming around. Their tension level is dropping and they are more under control and a bit easier to handle. We had a scare yesterday afternoon with one of the little pups, only a few weeks old. Her belly started bloating and she didn't look well. Luckily a vet was in the building and took quick care of her.

Break's over, more later!

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