Thursday, October 2, 2008

Puzzling over pit bulls

Yesterday we had another amazing day in Beaumont!! We got word late the previous night that the pit bull rescue group was coming earlier than expected. Not a problem for our group of EARS volunteers here: They were up and going at about 6:00 am to get these guys ready. The rescue group had told us that they only had room for 11 dogs.

Well, our puzzle-making team and Julie and Phil were determined that they could fit more than 11 dogs in that cargo van, and boy were they right. You should have seen Phil in the back of that van surrounded by crates, hauling dogs over the other crates and getting them all set up and ready for transport. Also, I never knew that puppy pee pads made good window shades. The volunteers were concerned that the animals would get too much sun through the windows, so we covered them with pee pads. It was pretty funny. 

By the time the van left, headed to Little Rock, Arkansas, they had 16 pit bulls and 1 chocolate Lab. Not really sure how we convinced them the Lab was a pit! Just kidding ... apparently they had some connections with a Lab rescue group was well.

Another really good thing happened. Anne, the shelter president, asked Julie and Phil if they could speak to the employees and train them on the cleaning and feeding process that they have been using. Julie and Phil reported back that the employees were pretty excited about implementing the new process.

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