Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rascal and Koda: Iowa's Mutt and Jeff

Yesterday we received the great news from Cedar Rapids that EARS volunteer favorites Rascal and Koda -- a rambunctious but lovable pair of dogs -- went home with their owner! Many volunteers grew attached to this unlikely duo, and hardly an eye was dry in the shelter when they said their final goodbyes.

Koda the Saint Bernard was known for howling every time Rascal was out of his sight, and Rascal the Shih Tzu always seemed to be full of energy.

EARS volunteer Carl Gerlach of Wisconsin reported the following true story that epitomizes Koda and Rascal and their endearing relationship:

"One afternoon I used Koda and Rascal as my training pups, all to the chagrin of an older gentlemen named Bob. Bob agreed to go into the stall and leash them. He successfully entered the stall only to be greeted by Koda with his paws on Bob's shoulders. At the same time Rascal was jumping up and down wanting attention from Bob. (The two guys are very jealous of each other when it comes to human attention.) All the while Bob is trying to get a leash on Koda, Rascal is biting at Koda's privates. Koda swats Rascal out of the way and rolls on his back giving Bob kisses. At this point Bob is tied up in leashes and looks slightly bewildered. Six of us watching him outside the stall holler: 'Hey Bob, do you need any help?' He very quickly replies, 'Nope, I have this under control.' We all couldn't help but laugh at the site of this gentleman wrestling with these two sweet pups."

Thank you Carl, Bob and all the EARS volunteers for taking such great care of Koda and Rascal until they could return home!

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