Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Meet our fearless leader!

All of our work for the animals and pet owners in Cedar Rapids would not be possible without the leadership of EARS Regional Director Diann Wellman. Check out the great article about Diann published in her local paper, the Marion, Indiana, Chronicle-Tribune!

Local woman helps flood-stranded animals
Rescuer Diann Wellman leads team in Iowa

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Grant County resident Diann Wellman planned to spend a weekend helping stranded animals in flooded parts of Iowa.Seventeen days later, she said she can’t stay past Thursday or she’ll miss her son’s wedding.

“If it wasn’t for that I would stay because it’s very difficult to leave these (efforts) before they’re done,” Wellman said on a phone call from Cedar Rapids.

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  1. Kitty Cat Bandit7/2/08, 6:58 AM

    Yeah! Diann is awesome.


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