Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ohio puppies on the path to better lives

RedRover Responders volunteer Donna Lagomarsino says goodbye to the 3 mamas and 16 puppies she cared for on this deployment. Donna medicated and cleaned each puppy daily, watched for signs of infection and soothed the mothers. Her peaceful and calm nature spread throughout the "Baby Barn," helping the tiny pups and moms settle in comfortably until rescue groups could take them in.

We're so thankful to be in Ohio to help change the course of these dogs' lives. It feels good to know that these puppies won't have to experience the squalor and misery that their mothers did. RedRover Responders will continue to work with rescue groups to send the Ohio dogs on their way to loving new homes.

Thank you, Donna, for taking such good care of these dogs. Just look at their happy faces!


  1. Ali Goldstein6/21/12, 5:23 AM

    Just wanted to thank you so much Donna for taking over where I left off. Would love to know where they went and if any of the other dogs in the big barn were adopted.

    1. Hi Ali,

      It was my pleasure to volunteer in the puppy barn. Everyone who cared for the puppies and moms prior to me did a fantastic job of loving them and keeping them healthy. All of the puppies, moms, and many of the dogs in the big barn went off to shelters and foster homes. Some even went to forever homes. I actually delivered one today. Everyone is in good care. You can be proud of your efforts.

  2. Patricia Cady6/28/12, 2:43 AM

    Super job to Donna, Ali and everyone on this Ohio deployment! As a newly trained Responder, I look forward to helping on a deployment in the future!

  3. as an individual trying to get started with red rover it's nice to see these cases and that people really can make a difference!

  4. Super Job! I look forward to working with the fabulous volunteers....and helping to make a difference in the lives of these innocent animals! Well Done!! :)

  5. Super Job! I look forward to the day when I can help make a difference in the lives of innocent animals! Well Done Red Rover!! :)


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