Friday, March 30, 2012

RedRover Responders back in Jacksonville

RedRover Responders volunteers are back at it: helping to care for the nearly 700 cats rescued from a failed cat sanctuary in Florida. Eight volunteers travelled to Jacksonville to provide the daily care necessary to give these beleaguered cats a chance at better lives.

RedRover Responders volunteers like Chris Smock (pictured) provide emotional enrichment to sheltered animals.
This is the second time RedRover Responders volunteers stepped up for these cats. When they were initially rescued by the ASPCA at the request of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Madison County Animal Control in late February, RedRover Responders volunteers helped to set up the temporary shelter, assisted in the initial vetting efforts and cared for the cats during their first week at the shelter. In the meantime, the animals need daily care, both physical and emotional.

Team Leader Andy Bass observed, “Since many of these criminal cases typically require sheltering for months, emotional enrichment becomes as important as daily care and medical treatment for the long-term care of our charges.” RedRover Responders volunteers help with this emotional enrichment simply by “being” with the cats in their kennels, making “kitty condos” out of carriers to give the cats somewhere to climb and perch upon, or delivering toys filled with catnip.

RedRover Responders volunteer Becky helps put together "kitty condos" to give cats a place to climb and perch.
The RedRover Responders program is committed to the success of large-scale cruelty cases. These cases cannot be brought unless there is a commitment care for the seized animals, often for weeks or months at a time. RedRover Responders volunteers will continue to be there for the animals, taking care of them physically and emotionally, to give them the chance they deserve.


  1. Keep up the great work! Reading these stories has been so bittersweet - I'm crying at the thought of what they experienced, but smiling knowing what they have in store.


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