Thursday, July 28, 2011

Making Magic

Vinnie waits for his evening walk.
Vinnie was appreciative of his walk this morning. So were Zeus, Teddy, Lillie, Pee-Wee, Jonah and about 125 other dogs at the pet evacuation shelter here in Minot, North Dakota.

Many of these animals have been here for weeks, since their owners were displaced by flooding. The Souris Valley Animal Shelter set up the evacuation shelter in June so these evacuees had a place to bring their pets, and they have been running this shelter at A+ caliber ever since.

RedRover Responders volunteer Kim
Diloretto and one of our canine charges
The dogs are getting walked, fed and watered twice daily, while their cages are cleaned. This morning Vinnie played in an outside run for a while with his friend Max. When we broke for lunch, the dogs were happily chewing their treats and in the cat room -- Kitty Kastle -- all was clean and peaceful.

Right now RedRover Responders volunteers are working alongside staff and volunteers with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (our partners in the National Animal Rescue and Sheltering Coalition), Souris Valley Animal Shelter, Noah's Wish and other members of the community who are volunteering their time to help. We are able to help the members of this community get back on their feet. Minot is nicknamed the Magic City, and the spirit of collaboration and compassion here is magic indeed.

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  1. RedRover/UAN is amazing as always. Thank you for you efforts.


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