Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meet Stevie ...

EARS volunteer Marcia Goodman has been doing a great job keeping the outside world informed about the 180 dogs rescued from Raven's Hope Animal Sanctuary in Kemper County, Mississippi. But she did take some time away from her writing and photography to chill out with one of the neediest dogs.

He's one of our favorites, a blind boy named Stevie (pictured with Marcia at right), who is missing one eye and blind in the other. He is incredibly fearful, but responds well to slow movement and soft voices. He only likes to stay in his crate even though we moved him to a spacious kennel. We’re hoping he will come out when he’s more comfortable and move around a little. We found out he likes to be pet under his chin and one of us even got him relaxed enough to enjoy a belly rub. We’re doing our best to help him get comfortable with his new and temporary surroundings. Many of the volunteers have spent time just sitting with him, he looks so sad. But….he’s slowly responding to the volunteer’s magic. Marsha found time today to sit and talk gently to him….and he is slowly coming out of his terrified mode and responding well to mild attention.

On Saturday, Stevie started to get more comfortable here at the emergency shelter. When we arrived in the morning he had his foot hanging out of his crate, rather than his typical compact ball that he has been in since he arrived. In the afternoon he even fell asleep with his head hanging out of the crate. Just goes to show what a little UAN volunteer patience and kindness will do. There is rarely a moment in the day when someone isn’t in there, just sitting and talking quietly to him. Once in a while a volunteer will give him pets and scratches, but for the most part we just sit near him and let him know we are there. Oh, and bring him three meals a day.

EARS volunteer Lynn Frischmann of Santa Cruz, California (pictured at right) has spent a lot of time with Stevie and is largely responsible for the progress he’s been making. Thanks, Lynn!

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