Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Puppy mill dogs moving on

Here are some of the shelters and rescue groups that have taken in dogs rescued from a puppy mill in Kaufman County, Texas on August 11:

• SPCA of Texas
• Operation Kindness (Carrolton, TX)
• Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake
• PAWS Patrol (Mesquite, TX)
• Poodle Rescue of Houston
• Collin County Humane Society (McKinney, TX)

These organizations will evaluate the dogs and make them available for adoption.


  1. I want to express my sincere appreciation for the sacrifice and hard work that all the UAN staff and volunteers did initially for the Kaufman Puppy Mill dogs. Thanks also to all the volunteer organizations who stepped up to help with the rehab and adoptions. I have been checking out their websites on a daily basis for weeks. Today I logged onto the SPCA Texas website and posted there was a photo of a senior Yorkie gal (Kaufman #250) looking so sad and forlorn, that I drove over to the Dealey Animal Care Center in Dallas to check her out right away. I was just going to look...yea, right! One hour later, she became MY little Yorkie gal.
    We are home now, have had a good bath, and are settling into our new life together. She lies asleep in my lap as I post this message. Wow, what a survivor's tale she has to tell! At 11 years old, she suffers from cataracts (both eyes), cauliflower ears (both ears), missing patches of hair (nose and head), missing teeth (only four are left), an old hernia injury from a botched c-section, small tumors across her sagging belly...I could go on. Just a mess, she is...BUT for a dog that has lived for the past 11 years in total isolation and continual breeding, I still see a faint twinkle in her eye and a desire to be loved and happy. She will get her wish...I promise.
    So, thanks again to all the dedicated volunteers everywhere, who give these older dogs a fighting chance. Many people say they need to be put out of their misery, and often times that is sadly true. But occasionally, there come along special and deserving little troopers and survivors like my Kaufman #250...and I am grateful to the vets, behavior specialists, staff, and volunteers who believe in them and see that glimmer of hope still shining in their cataract-ridden eyes.
    I am a 55 year old Librarian, I have raised two wonderful sons on my own, and I am ready to give this little ole gal all the love and security she can handle. The once sad, lonely, and pathetic Kaufman #250 is now my happy and beautiful Yorkie girl and I defy anyone to tell me differently!!

  2. It sounds like Kaufman #250 is in excellent hands -- thanks so much for giving her a second chance and sharing your story!

    We are always looking for happy ending stories and photos to publish in our magazine and e-mail newsletters, so if you have any photos you'd like to share, feel free to e-mail them to


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