Monday, May 11, 2009

Bittersweet goodbyes

Submitted by Janell Matthies, UAN Emergency Services Manager

Yesterday we were able to see many of our new friends go home. This is always the bittersweet part of any deployment. We have gotten attached to the animals in our care and are thrilled to see them happily going home with their people, but it is hard to say "goodbye."

We were able to meet the twins' dad, who came to pick them up to surprise his wife. She had been missing her babies terribly. When he came to get them we were all so excited and taking photos. He confusedly asked, “Are they famous?” To us they are.

The Rowdys' dad came to get them yesterday, too. Unbeknownst to us, they were extraordinarily well trained, however all commands had to be spoken in German. If we had only known...

The animals who were picked up by their relieved owners had to stick around for an extra minute or two for us to locate whichever volunteer had fallen for them. The volunteers walked the owners out and helped load their pets in the car, all while giving updates on their pets' care.

“He ate his breakfast, but only nibbled at dinner." "We went for about four walks today and played ball.” And the oh-so common, “He hasn’t pooped yet today, so he’s ready.” The owners were extremely impressed with the care their animals were given while in the emergency shelter. I’m sure they were only expecting them to be housed safely and that was about it. When they heard in detail about the wonderful treatment their animals received they were in awe. Many kept asking, “How did you find the time?” EARS volunteers always seem to find the time to take animal care to the next level, and watch over their charges as if they were their own.

On Monday we will probably see the remaining animals safely return to their homes. We are all so proud of our hard work and happy that we could help the animals, as well as their owners, during their time of need.

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