Thursday, February 12, 2009

The next chapter

On February 12, the last of the Wayne County puppy mill dogs left the temporary shelter, bound for the next -- and happier -- chapter in their lives. The dogs were transferred to the following humane organizations, where they will be available for adoption:

- Washington Animal Rescue League
- Montgomery County Humane Society
- SPCA Tampa Bay
- Dachshund Rescue of North America
- Norfolk SPCA
- Chihuahua Rescue and Transport
- Pawfect Match Rescue
- The Sterile Feral
- Richmond SPCA
- Humane Society of Charlotte
- SPCA of Wake County


  1. Do you know where the sweet little pom #12384 was sent??

  2. My heart is with all the volunteers and the dogs as they start the journey to their new lives.

    Well done again team. I am very proud to be part EARS.

    Margaret, in Canada.

  3. I'll try to track down #12384. Please contact me directly,

  4. Great JOB UAN.. these puppy mills are completely obscene!

  5. Thank you to everyone who was involved for your tireless work to save these dogs.

  6. To all the Ears volunteers at the Wayne County Puppy Mill Raid in NC. I was a volunteer at the site and I know many of you fell in love with a White Maltese whose tongue hangs out to the side. She was also the focus of the news stories. I would like to let you know she was adopted today. My husband and I drove to the Richmond SPCA from NC to adopt her. So you can all rest easy that someone you have worked with there now has her. She has been spayed and had 3 mammary tumors. One came back malignant but they are sure they got all of it. It the few hours she has been here she has not left my side. She is smart and inquisitive. If anyone wants further updates, please e-mail me at

    Cheryl DeRasmo


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